What Is Ruining Your Chances To Have a Serious Long-term Relationship

At some stage of their lives people come to the idea of yearning for a serious long term relationship. But even though they have such a desire, finding one seems to be a challenge. What is the problem?

2 Main Things That Ruin Your Chances to Have a Serious Long-Term Relationship

Yes, there are only two major issues that stop the majority of people seeking a serious relationship from getting one. And both of them are easily fixable, which is possible to achieve within 3-4 months.

1. Appearance

When we are talking about looks, it’s not your genes that make you attractive to the gender of your choice. It’s your lifestyle choices. In other words, no matter how good-looking your parents were or maybe just the opposite, you still are able to look good, if you choose to.

In case of women choosing a man for a long-term relationship, they would prefer someone who is not overweight, physically fit, and neat.

  • If you shower morning and night, dress nice, keep your hair trimmed and tidy, and maintain your body shape into an average condition, you will already pass the test.
  • Being athletic is a great advantage, as it makes you appear toned. Physical exercise has a positive effect on your longevity, health, and happiness level. (The latter assists in dealing with the major issue #2.)
  • If you are handsome, it’s a bonus. But it could also be a drawback, if women feel inadequate next to you and worried whether you are going to be faithful in a marriage, because other females feel attracted to you.

Quick fixes

No matter what is your appearance today, there are simple ways to improve.

  • Dress up. For women the impact of a well-dressed man is like for you seeing a bit of a leg or nice cleavage. Jacket, slacks, a collared shirt, and tied-up shoes will change the appearance of any man for the better, regardless of his body shape. Simply go to a good department store and ask a male consultant to assist you with choosing a “capsule wardrobe” (it means several things that go together in many combinations). Don’t forget matching socks and some new underwear—it’s the small things that sometimes put a lady off.
  • Lose belly fat. It’s pretty simple as well, although I am not saying it’s easy. But there is nothing complicated, it just requires your commitment. If you wish to establish a serious relationship for life, isn’t it worth it? Cut off sugar and sweet drinks, minimize or completely drop alcohol intake. Avoid eating potatoes, chips, bread, fried food, cookies, chocolate, pasta and pizza, white rice. What can you eat? Leafy salads, baked sweet potato, fish, chicken, legumes, fresh veggies, berries, and fruit. A few times a week you may have some steak, but avoid processed meats (salami, ham, bacon, sausages). Start moving a bit more: Go for walks, maybe sign up for a dance or yoga class. In 2-3 months you will see a notable difference.
  • Get a haircut. Locate a good salon and ask the hairdresser to recommend you a new style. The one you have been wearing may not be too flattering, and a new hairdo might make you much more attractive.
  • Stop smoking. This bad habit makes you look older and it’s also the cause of a bad smell many ladies dislike. Potentially, over 70% of women simply won’t get involved with a smoker. If you are looking for a serious relationship, think how to get rid of this bad habit, as it certainly hinders your prospects of attaining one.

2. Egoism

The second biggest issue that ruins your  chances of getting into a long-term relationship is that you are simply being too selfish. A long-term relationship and especially marriage is not only about you. It’s also about your partner and “we”, which means both of your together as a union. All of these entities require attention, recognition, and care.

If you always or most of the time care about your self-interest, while the other person’s needs and wants have to take the back seat, then she will not want to be in a serious relationship with you.

Quick fixes

  • Do not interrupt people when they are talking, let them explain their point of view.
  • Accept the fact that they are entitled to have their own point of view. Yes, it may be different to yours, but this is how they feel about it.
  • Stop arguing. It’s basically impossible to change someone’s opinion. All you can do is to pose questions and try to establish facts without judgement. Oftentimes the very act of posing questions and establishing facts, which are now just a click away, is enough to show someone their opinion may be incorrect. Once they see the facts, they may realize it themselves; you don’t need to point out they were wrong.
  • Avoid criticizing and telling people what to do. Keep your opinions to yourself, if you have nothing positive to say. If the individual needs an advice, they will ask for it.
  • Find something to compliment and like in a person, rather than looking for faults. Once you see something you like, tell them about it.
  • Demonstrate interest. If you are sincerely interested in the other human being and their life, they will see you as a nice and lovely person to communicate with.
  • It’s not about giving in a material way, but mostly be generous with your time, attention, sincere praise.
  • Monitor feedback. The meaning of your communication is the response you get. If you don’t like the response, try a different approach.
  • Get rid of the baggage. Go over your past relationships or life grievances, maybe with the help of a professional psychologist, therapist, or coach. No need to be stuck in the past. There is a great future that you can find with someone who genuinely likes you the way you are! Once you allow the real you to show through.
  • Smile! Adopt a constant slightly smiling expression, with only the corners of your mouth lifted up a little, as if you expect something nice to happen any minute, and people will feel calm and relaxed in your company.

If you simply listen and smile, giving an occasional praise while being generous to others, you will be amazed how much different your relationships will become.

Then getting into a long-term serious relationship may be just a matter of finding the right person.

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