What Is a Match?

When you are hiring a matchmaker, the service usually mentions guaranteed number of matches. But companies may use the word “match” differently.

The definition of a “match” differs from one company to another

For instance, if you read online reviews, some men complain they were matched with women who didn’t meet their requirements.

For example, a man stated clearly he didn’t want a woman who was overweight. But when he came to a date, this is exactly what he found. The matchmaker said, “But she is perfect on other criteria!”

Some matchmakers are known to hire candidates to attend meetings with clients, in order to tick off the requirement on the number of matches provided.

In other words, the definition of a match is not something that is defined the same way by all companies offering to bring you together with the right person.

Normally, by “confirmed match” companies mean a proposition where the client checked the information (usually a photo and a short bio) and agreed to a meeting.

If during the meeting the customer finds out something that makes this candidate unsuitable, it is still considered as a match. It’s merely viewed as if “it didn’t work out.”

The reason for things like this happening is simple. Most matchmakers don’t have large enough databases of quality clients. Often they use scouts who try to pick candidates through general dating sites. But, of course, users of dating sites are wary of someone trying to get their direct contact details with offers of potential quality introductions.

Elena’s Models difference

Because Elena’s Models is not only a successful matchmaking service but also a giant dating portal for people seeking serious relationships, we don’t need to seek potential candidates on other websites.

Proprietary database

Over 100 people register on our dating site daily. Our dating experts also have the ability to reach out to users who have not been active for some time, as it’s our proprietary database.

With over 2 million profiles registered on the website since its launch, the likelihood of arranging successful matches is much higher than for other matchmakers who only have a limited number of clients they can introduce you to.

Serious intentions

A quality match should also be suitable to the type of relationships you are seeking. The women come to ElenasModels.com in order to find a serious relationship, which will hopefully lead to marriage. The vast majority of ladies would like to have children in the marriage.

If this is what you seek in your future union, we have a verified database of applicants. Before approving a profile on the dating site, women pass a personal interview with a representative and answer questions in person, by Skype or phone.

This method of initial profile approval allows us to have means of quick contact with female users, as profiles are not approved without a direct phone number. Such extra hurdles during approval give an additional layer of screening for serious intentions of applicants.

Readiness to move

The women we represent are ready to move, if they find a suitable partner. In regular dating, even when people live within the same city or state, moving in together may be difficult, because each person has their own settled life.

When you are introduced to women through our matchmaking process, you can be confident that they are ready to move and join you.

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