Research: Length Of Communication And Number Of Messages People Exchange On Dating Sites

Online dating allowed us to connect with people that we would have otherwise never met in daily life, while seeking a serious relationship. Interestingly enough, a sizable proportion of people have quite long online relationships of romantic nature.

Relationships through dating sites

2015 survey by Elena’s Models discovered that over 25% of their users had online connections that lasted over 6 months.

At the same time, the same share of users (25%) arrived to the dating site without a prior experience of online communication with romantic intentions.

Nearly 17% of respondents exchanged over 500 messages with the person they have been communicating with.

Finding a serious relationship

A great number of users feel that dating sites are no longer effective in finding a partner for a serious relationship. Many users believe that online dating became a type of entertainment for some people who use admiration and interest of others to boost their self-esteem or pass time, rather than aiming to find a partner to share life with.

A number of users complain about mistrust of other participants, which seems to hinder potentially productive connections.

As the result, people may lose a lot of time and invest effort into someone who wasn’t actually ready to go through with what they indicated to be seeking.

Looking at the situation from this point of view, matchmaking consultants are able to detect such uncertainties on the stage of initial intake. Thus, the process of matchmaking allows for a closer and more in-depth screening for serious intentions than the way of profile approval on general sites and apps for singles.

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