Research: What Age Difference Is The Best In Matchmaking?

One important parameter in matchmaking that you need to consider is the age difference. Previous research by Elena’s Models points out that the most stable age gap in a marriage is around 6-10 years. It is higher than what people usually perceive as normal in local marriages, but lower than what some men hope to achieve through international online dating.

Research #1: What age difference men and women perceive as desirable in a marriage?

2015 survey by Elena’s Models demonstrated that the majority of international love seekers have a preference for a potential gap of about 6-10 years.

  • 30% of users consider 6-10-year difference to be ideal.
  • 15% of clients opted for 1-5-year variance.
  • 13% of members seek the space of 11-15 years.

In total, the majority of respondents (58%) preferred the age difference under 15 years.

The rest of the poll participants picked the vague option, “The difference in age should not matter”. In this online poll, gender differences were not recorded.

Focus groups and research of online forums indicate that men desire a substantially younger partner, while women would rather prefer a husband who is just slightly more mature. Creating a match that both parties see as highly desirable lays foundation for a successful long-term relationship, which is stable and lasting.

This requires considerations of not only probability but a likelihood of future stability of such a union, which is in interests of both parties. In other words, it’s not about finding a “trophy wife” but the ability of a couple to withstand the test of time.

Research #2: What is the actual age difference in successful international marriages?

In 2016 Elena’s Models ran a research based on data of successful couples who met through the website.

  • The average gap in actual successful couples was 8 years.

It is in line with the previous result 6-10 years gap seen as the most appropriate by the largest part of users who decided to pick a number (as opposed to respondents who refused to select a numeric value).

  • The largest gap in successful couples was 17 years (man 42, woman 25).
  • 34% of couples had a gap over 10 years.

Ages of successful spouses

  • The youngest pair: man 28, woman 22.
  • The oldest pair: man 69, woman 57.


When selecting matching options, you are better off concentrating your search within a 10-year limit, if you wish to find someone sooner and have a stronger bond. It is this variance that’s seen by most potential matches as optimum.

Elena’s Models matchmakers are open to clients’ requests of finding a partner with the age gap of up to 15 years. However, if you seek a partner who is substantially younger than yourself, your search is likely to take longer, and we advise you the minimum option of a 6-month matchmaking program.

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