Our Process

Taking Online Dating To
The Real World

Over 18 years expertise in Eastern Europe Online dating led to our new Individual Search Program© that guides you through our 7-step process to meet the woman of your dreams internationally.

Our Process

Taking Online Dating To
The Real World

Seven Steps to Success
Individual Search Program©

Evaluation of Your Needs

We conduct detailed assessments both online and personal one-to-one interviews to clearly define your partner criteria, personality dynamics, personal experiences history, deal breakers and makers. International dating also requires careful evaluation of what is involved and how you can manage the timelines. Our qualified female members are committed to move countries, thus we recognise the importance of not wasting time, money and emotional energy, and promptly bringing you together with a match.

On completion of this step we develop clear benchmarks for personal preferences, social attributes, professional and educational characteristics along with key compatibility indicators.

Profile Development

Your matchmaker will work with you to build your portfolio and personal profile. Elena Petrova will personally monitor and review this. Our deep data analysis of over 2 million profiles on Elena’s Models provides our matchmaking team with huge advantages and insights of what works or hurts your chances in the first introductions. Our sophisticated AI software monitors over 140,000 profiles daily and provides real-time benchmarking how to present you in the best way. We will provide you with photography requirements, apparel and fashion directions to ensure you always put your best foot forward while presenting the real you.

Success Coaching

Your experience or relationship history may not be adequate for cultural nuances that could easily make or break your chances for success in international dating. We provide an exclusive and proprietary VIP coaching program as part of the Individual Search Program. Based on your own distinctive characteristics and unique life path, you will be able to identify the best ways of dealing with your personal situations, in addition to acquiring confidential insights into specifics of dating Russian and Ukrainian women.

Presenting Personal Matches

Your matchmaker will present you candidates that meet your criteria along with reaching out on your behalf to the ladies you pre-selected. We conduct interviews to screen every match before you are offered an introduction. This screening process is as comprehensive as your evaluation to gather the necessary information relevant to your needs. Once completed, you will be presented with potential matches to assess and discuss with your matchmaker.

Personal Introductions

This is the adrenaline stage, the excitement and reality that your matches are secured and willing to be personally introduced. Your matchmaker will coordinate the best timing and communication options. We always recommend video conferencing, so chemistry, personality and physical attraction attributes can develop. Only the candidates who meet your evaluation requirements to the highest extent will be introduced.

Personal Review with Elena

Reflection, discussion and analysis after your introductions is pertinent to making any further personal choices. Elena will review your meetings and feedback from your matches, giving you an expert opinion by an objective third party. She will quickly highlight any red flags and suggest what next steps could be taken. You will learn a lot about your matches and get a clear and honest assessment about how your first conferencing went and how she felt it ended.

Ongoing Support and Coaching

Keeping momentum after your review is a critical step. Your matchmaker will receive Elena’s review and details to assist in developing more personal and direct communication. Your matchmaker also works directly with your match to ensure that both of you are on the same level of understanding during your membership. Any ongoing questions and concerns will be quickly taken care of by your dedicated support person. You will be moving forward confidently having a strong support along the way.

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