Matchmaking vs. Online Dating: Is There Use For Both At The Same Time?

When thinking about matchmaking, some people feel it’s the opposite of online dating. The idea of matchmaking if that you give requirements to a professional, and they supply you with suitable candidates.

However, in reality, matchmaking is not exclusive of online dating. Rather they go hand in hand.

Advantages of matchmaking as compared to online dating

The biggest advantage of the matchmaking process is not even finding a suitable match. It is ensuring that both people like each other and able to take their connection forward.

In short, a match is not just an agreement to meet a certain contender. It is a successful outcome for the client, a relationship they were seeking.

The job of a matchmaker extends beyond simply pointing to a potentially suitable nominee. It’s assisting in the successful outcome.


In the view of this understanding, Elena’s Models matchmakers also offer assistance to men who already found some women they would like to communicate with on the company’s online dating site to improve the probability of a successful outcome.

If you recall movie Hitch, Alex Hitchens, a dating coach, is not seeking potential matches for his clients but helps them to secure rapport with ladies who already attracted their attention.

Why the clients couldn’t do it themselves? Because not every man is skilled in the art of dating and courting.

However, with a little guidance and assistance, the clients were able to secure attention of women they liked.

In a similar way, matchmaking is not only finding the person who fits your requirements, but also introducing you in a way that helps you to establish a fruitful connection.


Moreover, Elena’s Models process extends personal assistance well beyond the point of introduction. The most important aspect of a budding relationship, especially if we are talking long distance search for a life partner, is to ensure smooth communication and understanding.

What is the reason why relationships do not form following the first exchange of expressions of interest on a dating site?

Apparently, people found each other attractive and were willing to consider the aspirant as a long term prospect.

There are 2 main reasons why a bond didn’t form:

  1. They didn’t have the full information, so couldn’t fully access the candidate’s suitability.
  2. It was a suitable candidate, but they did something that negatively impacted the relationship.

This is where matchmaking gives invaluable assistance.

  • Your matchmaker is able to find out the information of critical importance in choosing a partner.
  • Matchmaking helps to prevent misunderstandings and correct missteps, so that the relationship remains on course.


In international online dating, people often do not understand fully what is involved in the process of successfully starting a life together with their ideal partner. Because of that, many budding relationships fail to blossom.

Your experienced matchmaker assists in moving your connection through the necessary stages to a successful completion.

Large database

In the initial stages of your search, a sizable database of potential entrants allows your matchmaker to quickly locate people who meet your criteria. This would not be possible without the ability to search tens of thousands of records in our database of women seeking serious relationship and marriage.

Not only Elena’s Models matchmakers are able to screen listings accessible to other members but also we have access to profiles that had no activity for several months and no longer appear in search results for members. In most cases, women are still single but because of lack of success they have given up on the idea of finding a suitable mate online. In other words, they are still open to the idea of finding a partner abroad, however, the high probability of success is critical for them. They are tired of spending their time and efforts on men who are not serious in their intentions.

We also have substantial number of fresh applicants daily, which allows your matchmaker to find new potential choices.

As you can see, online dating and matchmaking go hand in hand, to secure better outcomes for our clients.

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