Married At First Sight Turns Into a Relationship Disaster Program

The fifths season of the TV show Married At First Sight seems to quickly and inevitably turn into a relationship disaster program. The fourth season circa 2017 was the most controversial to date and the new series apparently strives to bring conflicts a level up, with matchmaking taking the back seat.

The premise of the TV show is to find singles who want to be married and bring them in front of the altar with someone supposedly compatible with the help of professional matchmaking experts. This is why people purportedly apply to be a part of the TV program where the groom and the bride see each other for the first time at their wedding. But that’s not what we actually see on TV.

Can you find love on TV?

The amount of TV shows about love and dating seems to be on the increase. It’s not surprising. Finding romantic love is the most essential drive for individuals. But unfortunately, the TV format is not about relationships or matchmaking but rather about controversy they can produce and broadcast.

I feel embarrassed for the “relationship experts” on the Australian TV show Married At First Sight, currently on air on Channel Nine. They are obviously professionals that know a lot about how marriages work, and they have to sit through witnessing what is clearly a total mismatch made in the casting director’s room, and find reasons why “they thought it might be a good idea to match these people”.

If this is the type of matches the experts could come up with after sifting through thousands of applications from hopeful singles yearning to find love, I am really surprised about the quality of Australian love-seekers.

There are 11 couples on this season’s show and none of them strikes as particularly well matched.

Professional experts, matchmakers on MAFS.

Professional experts on MAFS are left to come up with explanations, but even they seem to struggle with finding reasons why certain couples have been put together. Photo: Screenshot from the show.

Married At First Sight 2018

The shock in some of participants’ eyes when they saw the “matches” offered to them on the wedding day was apparent. It was clear these matches couldn’t and wouldn’t work.

For a match to work both people should be happy with the person introduced to them, this is a basic understanding among matchmakers.

But for the purposes of TV, happy couples are boring. Happy and content doesn’t make for a good TV; conflict does.

Producers themselves explain why they brought certain people on the program, even though they were noticeably not a marriage material.

“As a producer, I’m going, ‘This is fascinating; he comes with alternative views.’ They’re controversial views. And if everyone had the same kind of view on relationships, it’d be a really boring experiment and a really boring show,” executive producer Tara McWilliams explained one of her casting choices for 2018 season in an interview.

It’s producers that pick participants for the program; not the so called “matchmakers”, who are put in front of the camera to defend matching on the show. Most Married At First Sight couples, unfortunately, had been initially set up for a disappointment.

Success rate of TV matchmaking

With casting for trouble being the most important criteria, no wonder the success rate of TV matchmaking is rather low. Since season #1, only one couple stayed together.

Even in cases where matching seemed to work out in the sense of bringing together two individuals who liked each other, it didn’t produce a lasting union, often because the people lived in different states and none of them was willing to move permanently.

Why do relationships succeed?

Couples are right for each other when they have similar views and goals. There also should be physical attraction and chemistry. If one of the partners doesn’t want to be in the relationship, it’s not going to work.

But even if people like each other and seem to be a good match, it is the small details like “where are we going to live” that make or break the relationship.

What is different in Elena’s Models matchmaking program, the female participants are not only seeking a serious relationship with a view to a lasting union for life, but they are also willing to move. Quite often this is unachievable in local dating, where people are established in life and career.

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