Are There Any Reliable Matchmaking Sites to Marry a Russian or Ukrainian?

If you are looking for a woman to marry, matchmaking sites featuring Russian, Ukrainian ladies could be your ideal solution. The rationale is straightforward: Eastern European girls place marriage on pedestal. It’s their highest value in life and the goal of their existence. In fact, reliable matchmaking websites featuring females from Ukraine and Russia can save you significant amounts of currency, which men often waste on trips and airfares, while visiting online girlfriends, but leaving without a relationship of a wife.

“I need a woman to marry”

  • Are you weary of the singles scene?
  • The thought of dating local women brings up painful memories of disastrous dates?
  • Do you find the casual hook up culture unappealing?

If you are determined to find a partner for life, settle down, and maybe have a family, there are thousands of beautiful, educated, professional, and marriage-minded women who seek the same things.

The only issue is that these ladies are located in Ukraine or Russia.

Generally, this is what stops the bulk of gentlemen from attempting a connection. They are unsure how to develop an online romance into something serious and lasting. Attempts to meet Ukrainian or Russian ladies online often bring hopeful relationship-seekers to paid chat venues, which make great promises but fail to deliver.

If you want something serious and genuine, pay-per-letter is a dead end.

Russian matchmaking sites

The majority of Russian sites advertise matchmaking but the only thing they offer is pseudo-dating.

Because men pay for content (mails, chats, photos), the providers’ goal turned into generation of billable content, instead of helping people to establish a genuine connection and move it into the offline world. Hundreds of competing local agents try to grab a newly registered male and indulge him in sweet talk, getting the love-seeker hooked on promises they never intended to deliver upon. Any websites that charge per message are handicapped by money-grabbing techniques of local suppliers of the content. It’s all about paid communication, not creating families.

Besides, such venues share your personal details with hundreds of content providers. The lack of control increases down the layers of their convoluted structures. The top-level matchmaker offering promises has a mediator in the face of a local agent in between, which makes it hardly possible to ensure transparency.

To be successful, a matchmaker requires both a large database and direct communication with female candidates, who are also seeking a suitable mate.

Ukrainian matchmakers

As a rule, Ukrainian matchmaking services charge per message as well, bringing them into the same group as paid chat websites.

Small local-based agencies have databases in hundreds of active members, which may be not enough to fine-tune the matching process. A matchmaker in Ukraine has a limited understanding of realities of today’s life in western countries. Thus, the ladies may not be fully prepared to adapt and settle in their new environments or have unrealistic expectations.

A Ukrainian matchmaking agency offering tour-based introductions is limited to a location. This cuts down the number of high-quality applicants that meet your requirements.

Often such companies give you “matches” that do not have the full list of qualities you are seeking in a mate, or omit vital details that could change your view on a potential future spouse. Because of the multi-layered commission-based structures and incentives provided to agents, inferior contenders waste your time and energy, which would be better spent on quality applicants.

The ability to locate and attract first-rate candidates by defined characteristics, as required by the client, gives established sites a distinct advantage.

Reliable matchmaking websites

For a service to be effective, it needs to possess 10 main features:

  1. Large database
  2. Unmediated contact with women using the site
  3. Absence of financial incentives to avoid pseudo-interest
  4. Ability to attract new quality applicants on demand, according to specified criteria
  5. Knowledge base, detailed manuals for men and women
  6. Qualified personnel
  7. Unlimited, direct communication with no pay-per-message, allowing genuine unrestricted connections to form over a period of time
  8. Local experience both in countries of the former Soviet Union and western world
  9. Trustworthy reputation
  10. Experience in the field of international dating

Experience allows to build step-by-step processes. The size of the existing database assists in finding precise matches. The reputation of the service helps to attract a constant stream of new entrants.

A good matchmaking site offers an exclusive network of prequalified candidates, seeking serious committed partnership.

Elena’s Models individual search program

Launched by Elena Petrova in 2003, the Individual Search plan assisted men from the USA, UK, and Europe to find suitable matches in Russia and Ukraine.

Having one of the largest direct contact databases in the industry, conducts 1-on-1 personal interviews with female applicants during the pre-approval process. This allowed to create a dependable list of real profiles where members have been personally verified by Elena’s Models staff.

The ladies on our site are not paid commissions and we do not employ or use agents. There are no financial incentives provided to any third parties.

The single intention of female participants of the program is to connect with a worthy gentleman to marry. They are prepared to immigrate and move countries, and know what it involves.

Our immediate mailing lists include over 40 thousand users interested in finding a lifetime partner. This gives us the ability to attract, at any time, new female candidates, who have yet registered on the website as a member, into EM’s proprietary matchmaking system.

Further, your experienced matchmaker has the ability to contact female members, who haven’t been active on the website within the last few months, and their profiles are no longer showing up in searches, invisible to other users. However, administrators are able to reach such users via mobile phone, Skype, or email, if there is a good match.

Personal introductions

Overall, the biggest complaint of Russian, Ukrainian girls on Elena’s Models sounds along the line, “Men are not serious”.

As a participant of the Individual Search Program you will be viewed in a different light—as a reliable man who has serious intentions.

People using dating sites, as opposed to matchmakers, often struggle to determine how committed is someone to the course. A specialist can gather the level of mutual interest and compatibility on the basis of the most essential values, greatly enhancing your probability of success.

People are more open and direct with a matchmaker than with a probable relationship partner they are trying to impress. Thus, professionals do the work for you, eliminating undesirables from your pre-selections, as well as finding the most suitable candidates, as per your detailed requirements.

You can be confident that the person meets your do’s and don’ts, before you have even spoken to them directly for the first time. Extensive interviews with potential applicants are conducted by the matchmaker in accordance with your instructions. The match is only confirmed if the individual meets your criteria.

When we contact women offering a candidature through the Individual Search Program, the reaction is overwhelmingly positive, because ladies trust our intent to achieve the best results for all parties involved.

This approach substantially improves the odds of your finding the right person within a short period of time as compared to initiating connections on your own.

Trusted dating site

Elena’s Models is the most trusted Russian and Ukrainian dating site in the industry. Since 1999, over 2 million users put their hopes and faith in the process by registering on the website, and thousands of couples found lasting love.

Elena’s Models’ team of dating experts bring to the table their intimate knowledge of the processes involved in creating and growing meaningful relationships, as well as the deepest understanding of the needs and apprehensions of Russian and Ukrainian ladies seeking a lifetime partner.

We know how to avoid potential hazards and assist people in moving towards successful competition of their search in an expedient and timely manner they feel comfortable with.

The success of our matchmaking program stems from the website’s integrity and transparency. By building on strong foundations, we are confident in our ability to deliver results for genuine men wanting to marry a decent woman.

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