7 reasons to hire a Russian matchmaker

The best matches are the ones where both parties got more than what they were looking for. In case of Russian matchmakers, it’s very likely, because both the woman and the man can get a better quality partner than they can find at home.

7 reasons to hire a Russian matchmaker

Hiring a matchmaking professional from Russia makes perfect sense, if you are looking for a wife.

  1. There are 11 million more women in Russia than men. It means, there are plenty of single females without partners. In large cities, the gender imbalance is noticeable already in the age group 25-29.
  2. The society’s norm for women in Russia is to get married. Without a husband, a female is basically seen in the society as worthless, once she is over the age 25. At 25, a Russian lady should be married and start looking after the family; that’s her most important goal in life, according to the local social standards. This is why females view marriage as more important to feeling happy and fulfilled than a having a great career or plenty of money.
  3. For love, Russian ladies are prepared for anything. They would change their religion, move cities and countries, leave a career. It means that she is happy to move for love, such high value finding a partner for life has in her system of principles.
  4. Russian girls prefer quick nuptials. There is no need to date for years, if you really like each other. This is what ladies from Russia believe.
  5. If you have a job and live on your own, you are viewed as a great match. You don’t have to be rich to be seen as a good match. The very fact that you want to get married (“have serious intentions”) makes you a worthy variant in the eyes of Russian girls. Most local guys just want to date rather than get serious.
  6. Russian women love to look beautiful. They are spending lots of time and effort on grooming and exercising. The majority of young ladies in Russia look like TV presenters, perfectly groomed, styled, and dressed, which they happily undertake daily to simply step out of their apartments. She will enjoy doing it after the marriage as well, as Russian wives believe that they should “stay interesting for their husbands”.
  7. Russian women study English at school and university for 9 years. It means, all of them are able to communicate in English.

All in all, these reasons make it easier to find a beautiful and intelligent woman for a serious relationship in Russia than locally.

Pitfalls of finding a match through matchmakers

The most common problems of using a matching professional are small databases and the use of agents.

Most matchmakers won’t tell you how many single women they have on their books, who match your requirements. In fact, most of them have nearly no one they can offer you. It’s not rare for matchmakers to send clients for dates with women who may look acceptable on photos and in their profiles, but when you come to a date, you realize that the person is totally not what you wanted.

Some men complained that they wanted a woman who is slim and fit, but were sent to a date with ladies who were overweight. When they complained, the matchmaker tried to say that the candidate they offered met other requirements, so it was worth having a try. The truth is, the matchmaker simply didn’t have anyone suitable and possibly even asked friends to find someone who would agree to go to a date.

Some matchmakers even hire actors to show up for dates, to fulfill their obligations of delivering the required number of matches.

Certainly, they would not have to do it, if they had enough people on their books. The problem is, most matchmakers don’t have large databases.

The second problem is the use of “agents”, which is omnipresent in the Russian (Ukrainian) dating industry. Some companies offer clients “matchmaking”, while in reality they simply sell tours and correspondence with candidates provided by agents, who are getting paid for communication. If you search for “PPL pay per letter dating”, you will understand why it’s a serious problem.

While PPL companies may have large databases, the quality is extremely untrustworthy, as most profiles are listed by agents only with a view to make money on correspondence and meetings, which happen in the presence of a translator, for which you pay extra.

This is why despite the 7 reasons that make looking for a Russian wife worthy, it’s not easy to hire a good matchmaker who can provide a result you are looking for.

Our difference

Elena’s Models Matchmaking can offer a sizable database of pre-qualified ladies who have been personally interviewed by our qualified specialists. There is no need to pay extra for communication (letters, chats), we are not selling tours or translation services. It’s all about finding a match with a quality lady who is just excited to be with you as you are with her.

  1. Large database of pre-qualified candidates.
  2. Personal interviews have already been conducted with all potential candidates during registration.
  3. Detailed and current information obtained from candidates beforehand, pertinent to your personal instructions.
  4. Multi-level matching via our proprietary system.
  5. No agents — we don’t share your information with third parties.
  6. We are not making money on tours or correspondence. It’s all about finding the right person for you, in the most ethical, straightforward, and transparent manner.

Send a request or book your free consultation today to find out more!

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