7 Big Reasons Why Matchmaking Saves Time & Money

Successful relationships require two parties that are willing and eager to make an effort, that’s the essence of the art of matchmaking. When two people have similar values, goals, and aspirations, their connection maintains good chances for survival in the long term. Add to that mutual physical attraction, and you have a winning combination that many an enduring marriage is proud to display.

Matchmaking vs. Dating

However, to arrive to the point of reciprocal recognition of the above mentioned benefits, one has to go through the process called dating.

For the majority of educated, intelligent, and genuine people this word means awkwardness and discomfort.

As individuals, each of us has to learn on his or her own, how to build and nurture enduring ties with other humans. Regrettably, such skills are not taught at schools along with math or English.

Communicating with potential romantic partners is fraught with even more anxiety and perils. Besides, relationship-building rituals constantly evolve and change. If you were successfully courting women a decade ago, today it is a completely different realm, and you may find yourself unable to follow the prescribed steps, which you simply do not know.

When you use a service, specializing in matchmaking for love, marriage, or long-term partnership, the embarrassment of blind dates is removed.

  • You only meet people who have already checked your information and these awkward first date interviews are unnecessary.
  • Besides, you know a lot about them, too.
  • You are aware of their past experiences, life goals and dreams.
  • The most importance piece of data, though, is the fact that they like you and open to having a common future with you.

This helps connections to develop quicker and smoother, and move forward expediently without too many hoops in between.

7 Reasons Why Matchmaking Saves Money and Time

At the first glance, using a matchmaking service may seem expensive. But in the long run, it saves you months, maybe even years of your life and bounds of cash, while allowing to avoid unnecessary stress.

1. Dating is more expensive than matchmaking.

Fact: On average, singles spend about 12 thousand dollars a year on the process of finding a mate.

The amount involves going on dates, activities, clothing, as well as fees to top dating sites for marriage, if this is the ultimate goal. (Free matchmaking sites are a piece of fiction, as such programs require strict control over the quality of participants, verification, interviews, along with sophisticated software and security of personal data.)

So, unattached singles spend a large proportion of their income in attempts to attract and keep a mate, most often with dissatisfying outcomes.

Concentrated efforts together with professional assistance tend to yield more reliable results.

2. Time is more precious than money.

When people analyse their expenses on attaining a partner, they often miss the hours spent in vain. If they had invested the same amount of hours put in searches, writing, and attending dates into money-earning professional activities, the financial outcomes would probably far exceed the fees paid to matchmakers. In fact, when people sit down and calculate the hourly value of their wasted efforts, they are often shocked.

Besides, if you are planning to have a family, the years that go by denote less time to enjoy life with your loved ones, be it your partner, children, or grandchildren. These years you will never be able to get back, even if you were to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in return.

3. Professionals have the knowledge you lack.

If a matchmaker were to do your job, they would inevitably fail, or deliver an inferior product. Becoming a specialist in something takes years, usually at least a decade. The task that takes you minutes would require a novice to spend hours, and they still may be unable to deliver the same quality.

When a specialist assists your search for a partner, they see much more in a simple online profile than you can gather. They also know what questions to ask and pick on unspoken details through the language, the choice of words, tone of voice, and other non-verbal cues.

4. People are more open with matchmakers than with a prospective date.

Just as you tell a doctor things you would never discuss with family members or friends, users open up to a consultant about their hopes for love and past experiences. It’s easier for a relationship expert to gather relevant details needed to find your compatible partner. It would take you months to collect the same amount of information.

5. Access to tools and databases.

In your professional life, you are using certain tools to deliver required results to clients. In the same fashion, relationship professionals have their own tools of the trade. Your matchmaking expert also has a database of people wanting marriage, kids, or just a serious relationship. In regular mingling process it’s hard to understand what is the ultimate goal of the people you meet.

6. The ability to maintain your privacy.

If you are seeking marriage, matchmaking specialist does the job for you without disclosing your identity. The only women who get to meet you are the ones you pre-approve. If you would prefer to find a marriage partner online privately, the professionals acts as your proxy, while doing all the groundwork.

7. Guaranteed results and time limits.

While no one is able to guarantee that the person you meet will agree to marry you, matchmaking programs, as a rule, provide the certain number of confirmed potential candidates within a specified period. If you are clear about your wishes, you get pre-qualified applicants who match your specified criteria, which gives you the best chance to succeed.

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